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Those who are fans of Dani, Savii, and Justin separately will not be surprised to see this latest collaboration. Everyone in this trio shares the lead on multiple instruments, bringing a passion for music that can clearly be witnessed when they perform together. Switching between originals and a wide range of covers - from Blues, Americana, Rock, Folk, and Bluegrass - their love for stringed instruments breathes life into their music.


Dani Jaye (Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin) is a powerhouse multi-instrumentalist living in Tampa, Florida. Growing up in Sarasota, she got her start as a teen playing with One Night Rodeo, and later toured nationally with her original project Come Back Alice. Specializing in improvisation, she adds a plethora of soundscapes to any band she shares the stage with. She utilizes her unique talents to influence various genres such as Classical, Celtic and Gypsy Jazz, while also adding a worldly sound to many modern American genres including Rock, Americana, Blues, and more. She has had the honor of sharing the stage with many world-renowned musicians including Charlie Daniels, George Porter (The Meters), Dan Toler (Allman Brothers Band), The Marshall Tucker Band and others.

She began her professional music career at the age of 15, playing in bands, orchestras, concert halls and festival stages throughout the United States. Inspired by high energy rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, The Beatles & more, she brings a classic take on music into an exciting new era. With a passion for live performances and glam-rock aesthetic, she is living her life long dream to entertain and to record live original music. These passions and dreams, combined with her unwavering drive and vision, have guided her goals and cultivated her one-of-a-kind musical inspiration and style.


Savannah Lee (Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin) is a young and gifted musician dripping with raw talent. An up-and-coming force in the Bluegrass and Southern Rock world, the mesmerizing honesty of Savannah's sound is simultaneously soothing and invigorating for any audience. With influences like Susan Tedeschi, Gillian Welch, and Mumford and Sons, her driving vocals and silky guitar licks make her a force to be reckoned with.

Growing up in a musical family, Savannah instantly found a passion for singing and making music from a very early age. By the time she was 12, she was already performing on stages for audiences across the Tampa Bay area. She quickly caught the attention of a well known and loved influencer in the Florida Music Scene, the late Rev. Funky D. She spent the remainder of her teenage years fronting his various projects, such as Porcupine and Funky D's Deja Voodoo. Upon becoming a young adult, her musical adventures led her to Atlanta, GA, where she fell in love with the mountain sound and began to learn the art of flatpicking. Now back in the sunshine state, she is using her new found influences and passion for creativity to create her own original sound.

Justin Davis is a multi-instrumentist and music teacher from Clearwater, Florida. Playing upright bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and back-up vocals in the progressive rock band Between Bluffs, he later became a part of several other projects such as Free Range Strange, Oak Hay, and Sonic Stew. His unwavering dedication to his craft and his love for music is a joy to witness.

Justin started playing the piano at a very early age. His passion drove him to be inspired by many different genres thought out the years, but it wasn't until a serendipitous moment at age 12 that he found his passion for stringed instruments. A fellow student came into class with a Les Paul guitar, and started playing Metallica. As a huge fan of heavy metal at the time, Justin initiated a conversation, and found out that his classmate was also his neighbor. From that point forward, he had a new best friend with a common obsession - The Guitar. 

By the time the very first Bonnaroo festival was born in 2002, Justin was well on his way to becoming a career musician. Walking through the crowd that weekend, making his way from Ben Harper to Ween, he happened to stumble upon Edgar Meyer & Bela Fleck. Watching them weave through melodies in ways he had never heard before gave him a newfound respect for acoustic instruments. Shortly after, he picked up the banjo and upright bass. 

Justin's original compositions stem from his own passion for self expression through melody. As a performer and teacher, his genuine love for music continues to inspire other young artists to find their own musical path, no matter what genre or instrument they wish to learn. 

This dynamic trio met several years ago in St. Petersburg, FL. At the time, all were playing various venues in separate projects, coming together around the campfires of music festivals to play their favorite songs. They quickly realized their musical chemistry, just in time for both ladies in the group to move to new cities in separate states chasing different dreams. Throughout their travels, and all they’ve learned along the way, music always remained the core driving force of their aspirations. Together, they are excited to be home (for now) playing music for the Florida music family who have supported their dreams from the beginning.

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